ATTENTION : I must point out that Pierre Audibert no longer works for Bike Bus, and his new bike company 'Castel Bike' is NOT CONNECTED to Bike Bus.
His Google Adword Campaign entitled --- Bike Bus ! Castel Bike ! --- is highly misleading and false advertising.
TARIF DEMI JOURNÉE de 15h à 19h tous les jours, tous vélos confondus : 10€ par vélo
// 1 day = 10 euros // +1 day = 5 euros // 1 week = 40 euros //
CUBE child bike 20 inch CHILD BIKE - CUBE / MFC
Children like to look good on a bike, and the colour is so very important. So our child bikes are either fun FLUO green or SERIOUS black for some ultra-hard pedal pushing.
SIZE : // 35 years = 16" wheels = 1 speed without suspension fork //
SIZE : // 57 years = 20" wheels = 6 speed with suspension fork //
SIZE : // 79 years = 24" wheels = 7/21 speed with suspension fork //

Tag-along BH, TREK - TAG-ALONG
For those as yet unready to branch out on their own
SPECIFICATION : This is a trailer bike that attaches to the seat post of an adult bike
SIZES : // 4 to 7 year old //
Baby Carrier BABY BUGGY
Trailer for 1 or 2 children, a bag of nibbles and their toy elephant.
SPECIFICATION : 5 point harnesses for each child. Choice of 4 pockets for the elephant (Not included)
SIZES : Min age 18 months, max 45kg total
BoB trailer for luggage transportation YAK - LUGGAGE TRAILER
One wheeled trailer with a fully waterproof bag keeping all your gear dry
SPECIFICATION : Alu frame, 20" tyres, 45kg load
SIZES : // Carries 45kg //
ECO-CONFORT ADULT // 1 day = 20 euros // +1 day = 10 euros // 1 week = 80 euros // TEENAGER (-5 euros)
CUBE Classic city bike CUBE - CLASSIC
This is a comfortable bike for the cycle path, but with enough gears to go up the hills too.
SPECIFICATION : Alu frame, 24 gears, disc brakes, 28" puncture resistant tyres
SIZES : // 46 // 50 // 54 // (Male and Female frames)
Cool mountain bikes designed for a mix of road and light off-road.
SPECIFCATION : Alu frame, 24 gears, hydraulic disc brakes, 650B wheels, 100mm front suspension
SIZES : // XS // S // M // L //
CUBE Attain road bike CUBE - ROAD BIKE
SPECIFICATIONS : Aluminium frame, Shimano transmission 3 x 9
SIZES : 47cm // 50cm // 53cm // 56cm // 58cm // 60cm // 62cm
OPTION (+ 35 EUROS) : Kit pour les "Roadies" - 2x CO2 de 16g, 1x JET, 2x Démonte pneus, 1x chambre à air, 1x multi-tool et tous cela dans un sac de selle.
BIKES WITH ASSISTANCE // 1 day = 30 euros // +1 day = 20 euros // 1 week = 150 euros //
CUBE Classic ebike CUBE - eClassic
DESIGN : Ebike with enough power for ALL the Dordogne hills, designed for comfort and speed
SPECIFICATIONS : BOSCHE Performance CX Drive motor, Bosch 500Wh battery, autonomy of 180km on low power. Hydraulic disc brakes and 1 x 9s Shimano gears
SIZES : WAVE Easy Step-through frame : // 46cm // 50cm // 54cm
Viking tandem VIKING - TANDEM
The most fun you can have on 2 wheels and only minutes to master it
SPECIFICATION : Alu frame, 21 gears, V-brakes, 26" wheels with slick tyres
SIZES : // 17"/15" // for an adult / adult pair
SIZES : // 19"/10" // for an adult / child pair
CUBE carbon road bike ACCESSORIES :
PANIERS : Pair that fit onto the rear rack of your bike
CHILD SEAT : Rear seats are available. Max weight 22kg
HELMET : They come in 4 sizes, L and M for adults and S and XS for children.
TYRE KIT and PUMP : Yes, p***tures do happen, but if you're not far from Hub1, give us a call instead
LOCK : We're not in crime-central here, but you just wouldn't want to risk it for a biscuit
VEHICLE BIKE RACK : Fits either onto the tow hitch or the boot and holds 1 or 2 bikes
Livraison DELIVERY - All distances considered. The delivery might be free according to the number of bikes and days you are renting for.
MOBILE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE - FREE SERVICE - All our are bikes are fantastic but no bike is 100% reliable, so just give us a call and we can come out to fix you up ..
REPAIRS WORKSHOP - We have the tools and the skills to repair all manner of bikes, so give us a call to give your personal bike the once over ..
ROUTE ADVICE - FREE SERVICE - Having cycled around most of the Dordogne for the last 20 years, I may have some helpful tips on the best routes for your type of riding
DELIVERY - All distances considered. The delivery might be free according to the number of bikes and days you are renting for :
Enterrement de vie de jeune garçon / fille
GROUPS / CLUBS / SCHOOLS - Bike Bus can organise your school trip in the Dordogne including bikes as transport between any otherlocal activity, be it sporting or cultural. A popular choice is to split the group between an easy (or mountain biking) bike tour to Daglan and a visit of Castelnaud Chateau with an activity at lunchtime like traditional wooden games or musique. Many other options are available.
HEN / STAG DOs - Choose from a large array of bike routes annotated with treasure hunts, team building exercises, sporting and gastronomique tasters, or even aerial activities.
SEMINAIRES / CONFERENCES - In partnership with hall rentals, Bike Bus can organise your downtime with sporting activities, relaxation séances, group cohesion challenges. We have programmes of 1 to 3 days in the Périgord Noir. Airport / Train links included.
EVENTS - Bike Bus can arrange a complete bike solution for your sporting event all over France. We have over 4500 mountain bikes in our cycle network, and can provide logistical and transport support.
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