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Joel the Bikeman Owner - JOEL
I studied engineering at Sheffield Hallam University, but after struggling for several years to enjoy working in a factory, I decided to make a break for it and take the first job that came along in a foreign country.
So in 1999, Headwater Holidays sent me to Souillac. Very quickly I realised that you have to do what feels right, follow your instincts, and invent a new horizon everyday. So I bought 10 bikes on a credit card and started renting them out ...
Despite the inevitable challenges of the blinkered bureaucracy over here, I enjoy immensely the thrill of running my own business in such a beautiful part of the world. All our customers have been such wonderful and interesting characters and I love taking the time to chat at every opportunity.
As an avid cyclist living permanently in the Dordogne, I now have 15 years of Dordogne cycling to my name and this places me in an ideal position to both advise our customers on routes to suit their wishes AND to buy the best bikes for cycling around the Dordogne. So whether you want to cycle for several days hotel to hotel, ride roadbikes until your legs fall off, or just get the most out of your halfday jaunt on a sunny day, I can help you with a direction to set off in, some maps for routes that I have already tried, or some route advise on how steep the hills are .. how many cafŽs for you to quaff at .. where are the best photospots .. how you can get to see the most chateaux without wearing yourself out ..
A note about our rental fleet. You may have noticed on this site that we don't stock any of those bikes that you can buy from a supermarket for twice the price of a baguette. Those sorts of bikes wouldn't last more than a week in a rental environment. My intention for Bike Bus was to provide easy access to bikes that make YOU feel amazing and for a reasonable cost. Afterall, a GREAT cycle ride begins with a GREAT bike but you wouldn't want to pay the earth for just one day out. Our bikes have retail costs ranging from 699 to 3899 euros, and our rental prices range from 5 to 50 euros.
What's more, Bike Bus is the only rental company in the Dordogne to employ a fully qualified bike mechanic year round. Pierre makes sure that all our rental fleet is in tip top condition before EVERY rental.
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Jobs with us

If you think you have got what it takes to work for our company, then send us an email with your CV and we'll get in touch with you. Characteristics that we look for are languages, initiative, enthusiasm, passion for all things cycling and outdoors, reliability and honesty. If you have some of these, then you could be in with a strong chance of joining us.

History of Bike Bus

Our Bike Bus concept began in 2002 under the name of MultiTravel with the intention of creating a service full of character and personality. We intended to supply tours around the Dordogne where the customer could choose to travel between their accommodations by bike, on foot, by canoe, or however else that doesn't involve crude oil. This concept was slow to evolve and so in the same year we took 2 steps back from being a tour operator and reverted to bike hire pure and simple. Cycling was afterall, the part I have always been passionate about, especially mountain biking, and this was to be the solid foundation upon which I would build the rest of our small but robust empire.

I found that travelling by bike was a fantastic way to discover an region as it allows us to observe it from a different perspective and brings out the adventurer in us at whatever level we see fit.

Here is a brief timeline :

  • 2002 - We began delivering bikes to campsites, hotels, gites, and BnBs all over the Dordogne, often travelling as far as Bordeaux, Limoges, Albi and Argentat. The quality of our bikes sold themselves and our reputation often preceeded us which was quite satisfying to say the least.
  • 2003 - We were a little down on bike hire sales due to a very, very hot summer. At its highest, 47 degrees centigrade IN THE SHADE. Often, when the Mad Dogs and Englishmen wanted to cycle in the midday sun, we strongly advised them not to, and invited them for a cool beer instead. This was very much a do-nothing chillout season.
  • 2004 - Complementing our bike hire services, we began supplying tour logistics to independant tour operators, such as route planning, luggage transfers, roadside assistance.
  • 2005 - This was the last year where Bike Bus was just the name of our minibus. It was registered in France as its own company and assumed the responsibility for all the bike hire, delivery and logistics operations in the Dordogne.
  • 2008 - Bike Bus continued to flourish and bought 50 new Mountain bikes and Happy Shopper bikes. Our customers seemed so happy with the latter that they were easily sold at the end of the year and we have ordered some more for 2009.
  • 2009 - Delivering sometimes as far as Bordeaux, this year we helped out at a Conseil Generale event providing 300 mountain bikes and the transport logistics away at Eymet. We had a fantastic week, and Kate even found time to fit in some Accordeon practice whilst waiting for the groups to return. Sunny days :-)
  • 2010 - This year, we have worked hard on our Hubs around the Périgord, ensuring that enough bikes are available daily. Previously it was hard to keep track of all the bikes criss-crossing the Périgord, so we have had a special reservation programme written for us that not only tracks the bikes, but processes the reservations from enquiry to confirmation to the calendar and out the other side for repeat custom. Now if you are booking for a successive time, we will know to offer you a little thank you gift when we meet at the delivery. Its all very exciting over here ..

  • Having always been dedicated to providing a service that is complete in every way, Bike Bus goes out of its way to ensure that
    our customers' expectations are completely satisfied.