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Cycling logistics for the independant cyclist

The services that we provide here are best suited to those of you who wish to organise your own bicycle tour for several days or for those who just want to hire bikes for a day or more. You will have an idea of what you want to do, be it a one base holiday or a multi-base tour or just two days cycling somewhere, and then we'll work around your plans, delivering the bikes to where you need them and collecting them again from where you end up. Being a small company, we are very flexible and will go out of our way to accommodate most itineraries that you have designed.
To complement your tour, choose from our logistic services such as route planning, accommodation suggestions, baggage transfers and storage, breakdown assistance, and taxi services.

The Reservation Quote

Several emails later, we hope you will have decided to reserve with us. There will be a reservation quote (format PDF) attached to your email containing all the details of our services that you requested, and so all that remains is for you to confirm the reservation by sending at least 30% of the total reservation cost. This amount and method of payment will be stated at the bottom of your reservation quote and on the email.
Once you have confirmed, you can still make minor changes to your reservation, and we'll endeavour to fit these into our schedules.

When we meet ...

Once you have arrived at your accommodation or at the place where you wish to start you tour in the Dordogne, we deliver the bikes and accessories to you at the time stated on your reservation form. A little patience might be required for the delivery, as this may be the first time we deliver to this address. Once we meet, we will spend some time preparing the bikes, expaining how they work and adjusting them to fit each of you. This is the moment for you to ask any bike specific questions, to fit your pedals or saddles if you have brought some, how to fix a puncture, how to attach the panniers on, how the gears work, and why the french like to have their brake levers the other way around !

There will be paperwork to be completed. We will go through the reservation form together to be sure that we are all working to the same plan. We could spend some time also preparing your route if you wish, I may have some good suggestions for you, and then one responsible member of your group must show some ID, then read and sign the Declaration Form. Finally, payment of the remainder of reservation fee will be due at this time. This can be paid in cash (Euros) or by credit card.

Good Luck for planning your holiday and I hope to see you in the Dordogne sometime soon.