Bike Bus sits below the Chateau of Castelnaud la Chapelle at the start of the Voie Verte du Céou. Right from our shop, you can access 4 lovely cycling circuits, all of them on back roads and away from the main flow of cars in the Dordogne Valley.

  • La Voie Verte du Céou 22km (3,5hr) Castelnaud - Daglan - Castelnaud
    On the banks of the Céou River, this route is a dreamy valley ride amongst the maize and sunflower fields to the sleepy village of Daglan. The trail never veers far from the river, and when it does, there's often a track to return to it, for a swim and paddle in its crystal clear waters. At Daglan, you have a choice of 3 restaurants, a grocers, a breadshop and a few boutiquey shops, so do stop a while and soak in the atmosphere. On the way back, the trail is slightly downhill and so will be even easier and faster. As you take the final approach to Castelnaud, there is a beautiful 'feng-shui' view of the Chateau framed by the Cé cliffs and wooded hillside.
  • Circuit of Domme 33km (4,5hr) Castelnaud - Daglan - Domme - La Roque Gageac - Castelnaud
    Starting with the Voie Verte du Céou to Daglan, you continue on the D60 towards the Bastide of Domme. This is a beautifully preserved village, with many shops and restaurants and with great views onto the Dordogne Valley below. Leaving Domme down to Cenac, you will cross the river Dordogne through the cliff-hanging village of La Roque Gageac and onto the beach at La Malartrie, before crossing the Dordogne again into Castelnaud
  • The Chateaux of the Dordogne 30km (4,5hr) Castelnaud - Fayrac - Milandes - Monrecours - Beynac - Castelnaud
    This circuit is best suited for riders over the age of 10/12 years as there are 3km riding on a main road into Beynac. This is a lovely coutry route though and you will pass by 5 chateaux following the Dordogne river first West then East. Better still, do this on a Sunday and with the deviation into St Cyprien, you could take in the Sunday Market too, purchase a gastronomique picnic, and eat it beside the Dordogne .. don't forget the 'rouge'.
  • VTT La Roque Gageac - 15km (2,5hr) Castelnaud - Cenac - La Roque Gageac - Castelnaud
    The is possibly the best introduction to mountain biking that this area can offer. There are few hills on this short 15km circuit and the technical level is easy too. 15km of fun fun fun ... Minimum age 10/12 years.
  • Au Pays des Bastides - 45km (5,5hr) Castelnaud - Daglan - St Laurent la Vallée - Belves - La Chapelle Pechaud - Castelnaud
    This isn't a route for the faint of heart. You can do it in either direction, as the hills are a challenge both ways. Take an electric bike though and you're laughing. Minimum age 10/12 years.
  • Espace VTT St Pompon Périgord Noir 270km for 14 Mountain Bike circuits, organised by the St Pompon cycle club. All the tracks are waymarked, and there is a little map that you can keep in your pocket. I am in the process of creating the gpx files for all of them and so come back to the site sometime soon.