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The Tri-Sport will blow your socks off ... or nearly.

Those who survived to write back
"Fantastic!!! Great organisation, original and all the best views of the Dordogne in 4 hours. The canoe people sent us running from Beynac, Joel's mountain bikes just blow you away on a 15km trek to Vitrac, and we finished of by canoeing 15km to Beynac. By far the best thing I have done this year !!!!! I'm a triathlon convert ..."

Simon T. 2015
"We are Trisport.
3h53 mins.
Beat that suckers !!!"

Mel + Suz. 2015
"Can't say enough about Joel and his Bike Bus business, great bikes, great ideas, great guy. We rented bikes for a half day spin down the Céou Valley and then he persuaded us to try his Tri-Sport challenge. Wow, I never thought I could manage that, but in just over 4 hours and 30km later, we had walked, biked and canoed the Dordogne. Amazing !!"

Peter F. 2014
"Merci pour cette journée très réussie, où nous avons pu à la fois faire la découverte de la région, du vélo et du canoe. Les paysages comme le matériel fourni furent de qualité, et l'accueil fort sympathique (y compris le chien et le bébé)."

Tommy P. 2014
"Hey Joel. Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a great idea ! What a great day out !"

Sandra B. 2015
"Be warned !! If you are a straggler like I was, there will be no cake left on arrival ..."

Paul H. 2015
"So so pleased. Joel convinced me to do it, and it was amazing. I have never done anything this refreshing. The best part though is the beer and pizza afterwards."

Sally + Aaren. 2017
"Joel has the perfect image for his TriSport .. you either do it for fun or don't do it at all .. its not a marathon, its a walk in the park. We took 7 hours to do it, stopping off at Domme on the way for lunch. We spent more time swimming than canoeing on the way down to Beynac, and the walk back to Castelnaud was a beautiful wind-down finishing with at least one beer in Castelnaud. There were 6 of us but Joel was very efficient at distributing the bikes and took the time to fully explain the mountain biking route. In all, it was a super day, outstanding service, and I have already booked it again for next year."

Haley + Trevor. 2017

  • 10km on a Mountain Bike - 1,5 hours
  • 15km in a Canoë - 3 hours
  • 5km on Foot - 1 hour
  • You choose your departure point and your speed
  • Mountain bike + Canoë + all security equipement included
  • 30 € pp
    Preview the mountain biking section

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    Preparation and advice

  • Arrive 15 minutes before to get parked, kitted out and briefed
  • Parking is free at Castelnaud and Vitrac. Beynac parking is up to 5E
  • Wear suitable clothing and footwear for cycling, running and canoeing
  • For the biking section, the helmet is obligatory
  • For the canoeing section, the bouyancy aid is obligatory
  • Bring suncream, sun hat, drinking water and energy snacks
  • Minimum age is 10 years

  • Guide Ride everyday from our Hubs

    Specific Canoeing Conditions

  • Must be able to swim 254m un-aided
  • All minors are to accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • The buoyancy aid is obligatory at all times whilst on the water
  • Navigate down the middle of the river avoiding obstacles as necessary

  • Guide Ride everyday from our Hubs

    Specific Cycling Conditions

  • On roads, please cycle in single file. Remain vigilant and signal your manoeuvers
  • Off road, cycle with care. Obstacles take skill to pass or avoid. Remain vigilant
  • Cycling in groups is fun but keep you distance from those in front. Distance is reaction time
  • Cycle within your own limits, follow our skills advice and stay safe

  • Guide Ride everyday from our Hubs

    Specific Run/walk Conditions

  • Here you can walk or run, there's really no rush and it is flat all the way
  • The path is sometimes narrow and close to the river, please don't fall in !!
  • If you can't see the river anymore, you've probably gone the wrong way
  • Please respect and stay off all private property along the trail

  • Guide Ride everyday from our Hubs


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